With the rise in electric and hybrid cars, cars that run on fossil fuels (such as petrol & diesel) are slowly getting phased out. Car manufacturers are moving towards cleaner substitutes, which is why the demand for electric cars is also on the rise. But, you need to remember that since electric vehicles are a new technology, the cost for these electric cars is over the roof. So, if you’re on a budget and want to buy a car very badly – you either have two options in front of you – either go with a petrol car or a diesel one.

Keeping the same in mind, in this article we are going to share with you some crucial reasons on why you should be choosing a diesel car for your next vehicle upgrade – with the help of diesel mechanic in Brisbane services.

Critical Reasons To Opt For A Diesel Car Over A Petrol One

  • Diesel Cars Tend To Be More Efficient

The way a diesel engine works make it much more fuel-efficient than petrol. It should be realised that diesel engines generally burn fuel at high compression temperatures, instead of relying on spark plugs in a petrol engine. This helps in giving diesel engine a massive edge over petrol-powered ones when it comes to fuel efficiency.

  • Burning Diesel Emits Fewer Greenhouse Gases

While this might appear as a surprise for a few people, but it’s a fact. Diesel engines tend to create fewer greenhouse gases than petrol ones and are therefore not as responsible for developing global warming as petrol engines. However, it should be noted that diesel engines do tend to release more NOX gases – making the air difficult to breathe for human beings – creating long term lung damage.

  • Diesel Engines Need Less Maintenance

Since diesel engines tend to work within lower RPMs (Rotations Per Minute), the overall maintenance required for diesel engines is much less than petrol ones. More downward RPM movements cause lesser wear & tear on the engine – making them less likely to fail over time. Diesel is also a lighter oil than petrol, which helps in lubricating the combustion chamber efficiently – leading to lesser friction between the engine moving parts.

  • Diesel Engines Can Take More Load

Since diesel cars generate more power than petrol ones, they also tend to handle the load better as well. They are very well suited for carrying bulky items without losing any performance. This is the reason why trucks and passenger vehicles have diesel engines.

  • Diesel Engines Are Fun To Driver

Due to the extraordinary amount of torque that they produce, it makes diesel engines a much more enjoyable experience to drive. Even more so when these engines reach their maximum speeds. However, diesel engines feel sluggish at lower speeds.

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