Car breakdowns are a driver’s nightmare, especially when it’s on a long journey if it’s in the middle of nowhere? Even worse. But many causes of cars breaking down are more common than you think. You need to understand the possibilities for an event of a break down to be able to handle the scene. Here are some factors that must look out for in case of your car, unfortunately, happens to break down.

Tire or Wheel Damage

This is one of the most encountered issues by people. Either the tyre bursts due to sharp debris on the road or because of incorrect air pressure in the tyre. Sometimes the tyre will lose air gradually. This is the sign of a slow puncture. Your vehicle handbook will provide the right amount of pressure for both the front and rear wheels. It is better that you stick to these standards to avoid early damage to your tyres and breakdowns.

It is always advised always to carry a spare tyre so that this problem can be fixed. If not, at least carry a puncture repair kit and then take the car to a workshop or call for a mobile car mechanic to come to your location and help you out.

Engine Oil Level

Both low and high levels of engine oil can be equally risky and can lead to breakdowns. Therefore it is important to regularly check the oil level using the dipstick in your car. The level must always lie in between the two lines on the dipstick. Again, the vehicle handbook will give the correct oil specification for your vehicle.

Running Out of Fuel 

As embarrassing as it sounds, this is another common cause for your car to breakdown. It is important to note that your car’s display, which shows how many miles are left before the tank is empty – may not be so accurate. Always make sure to fill up before the day of the journey and even carry some extra fuel in a tank, which may always come in handy during emergencies. If you are stranded with no fuel left to run your car, seeking assistance from mobile mechanics like car repairs in Brisbane might be your best bet, as these people will be more than prepared to reach out to you and top up your car with some extra fuel to help it run again.

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