Anyone who loves cars will find going to a wrecking yard akin to a picnic. The very many cars and their parts combined with their unique smell make the experience even better. However, if you are new to getting your scarps from a wrecking yard, you need to know the two different ways of doing the same.

Essentially, there are two ways to hit the wrecking yards Sydney boasts:

  1. The Happy-Go-Lucky Way
  2. The Planned to the Last Letter Way

1. The Happy-Go-Lucky Way

This is perfect for those who simply love their cars and parts. You will have an idea of what you want, but are ready for some experiment. These are the people who will most likely have a mix-and-match and funky car decor. In this way, you roam around the yard until you find what tickles your fancy.

2. The Planned to the Last Letter Way

The second type requires you to have a laser-sharp focus on what you want. You will need to do some research about your car and suitable parts, and then find the specific model and make in the yard. You will most probably prefer to be in and out as quickly as possible.

3. Tips to Hit the Wrecking Yard

After having decided which approach you are taking, your next step is to hit the wrecking yard. These three tips will help you a lot if it is your first time collecting car parts and scraps.

4. Act fast and be first

Many wrecking yards, these days, have newsletters you can subscribe to, which will give you alerts on which parts and cars have come to the yard. It is always better to hit the yard as soon as you get such alerts, especially if it is a part you covet. Any delay in your trip and you may miss out on what you want.

5. Do Some Research

If you are following the second method, you probably want to be in and out quick. The only way you can do that is by doing proper research on the parts you need right now (and later) and the tools you will use.

6. Bag Over Box

Save up some space on your yard wheelbarrow by opting for a tool bag instead of the complete toolbox. You will most likely don’t need all of your tools. So what is the point in bringing them all?


Wrecking yard is a minefield of opportunities if you know what you are looking for. Be it for metal scrap art or car restoration, these yards have plenty of parts. However, the approach of finding them decides how much time you end up spending in there.

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