Things That You Should Know to Do a Car History Check


Knowing your car’s history will help you when you are planning to buy a used car. The vehicle history is going to help you to find the ownership details about the vehicle you are ready to purchase. Other details include the currently expected worth of the car, record of financial dues on the vehicle, history of services and even the odometer reading. Read on to know more about car history.

  1. Limited information

You can do a free cars history check online. You can easily get it on the internet but it is very limited as it is easily available and for security reasons. Free reports usually have a model name, manufacturer and chassis details. More information comes as a paid service on several websites. So you have to make a list of information that you want before making the purchase. This will make the job easier. 

  1. Know what information you want

The purchase fee changes from $10 to $40 depending on the amount of information that you want out of the record. You can mainly look for things like ownership history of the vehicle, maintenance records, rent or lease history, repair after an accident history and many more. The amount to be paid varies with the amount of information you need. 

  1. Steps to generate your car’s history report

Find the Vehicle Identification Number from the body of your vehicle. It is printed or stick in different parts of your vehicle and also available in the documents on the car. This needs to be found. 

Once you have found the number move onto the next step. Choose the service. There are multiple services available on the internet which can provide you the details that you want with or without payment. Go for the trusted data providers that you know about. You can do a free report check and also a detailed paid one. 

To run the report, you will need the VIN, license plate number and zip code. The site will give you your vehicle history report immediately. A complete report will have the report summary and history, ownership history, additional and detailed history and a value calculator as major components. This free report is hard to interpret due to the general details behavior of the report. 

  1. Be interested to buy the car or convince the owner 

One good way to save the money, you can ask the owner or the dealers of the vehicle to generate one and give it to you. For that purpose, you should convince the seller that you are involved in this and need to buy. Take it for a test drive and use a trusted mechanic to do an inspection. 

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