Toyota RAV4 Suv ,Features, Mileage, Price

Toyota RAV4 is a small SUV that falls in the crossover category. Among all the Toyota SUVs this one is the smallest. When it first entered the market it got a lot of public attention as it was among the first ones in its genre. Today after many changes and all these years, RAV4 is grown finer. It’s on road manners and ergonomics are high on quality. RAV4 has Base, Limited Trims and Sport variants.

Macho Feel ! 

The styling of this crossover has been done in macho style so that it’s off road presence is felt to the maximum. The style and comfort aspects go hand in hand. The driving experience in RAV4 gives a bold feel. The architecture of the car is such that the young generation will get bowled over by it.

Parking Friendly Car

Both singles and families will develop a soft corner for this one. This vehicle is light weight with a narrow width and an apt height. Parking this car in any space is no problem.The car is blessed with cruise control, all safety features and power accessories. The wheels are big and designed in such a manner that they go with the bold look of the car. The suspension is sport tuned.

Luggage and Seating Space

The Limited variant has many luxurious features to its credit and its upholstery is done up in a more lavish manner. All the controls and switches are placed well. The second row has flat folding split seats. Both fore and aft can slide up to a good 6.5 inches. They recline too adding to the comfort factor. The cargo room is never disappointing. The tail gate is large and swings out when opened.The low floor in it makes loading cumbersome luggage easy. The space in the cabin and the good looking interiors can be counted among the USPs of the car.

Engine and Cylinder 

The Toyota RAV4 is powered by a 2.5 litre four cylinder 179 horsepower engine. This engine gives out great fuel economy and acceleration. Another engine option given by Toyota in this crossover is the 3.5 litre six cylinder V6 engine that produces 269 horsepower and is one of the most fuel efficient engine. The steering wheel handling is light and comfortable and the brakes are strong and reliable. The maximum towing capacity of RAV4 is 3500 pounds for the V6.

Four Wheel Drive 

This crossover is based on the all-wheel-drive system. Four speed automatic transmission unit comes with four cylinder engine and a five speed automatic transmission unit comes for the V6. Safety features included in the car are modern and reliable too.

Over All 

Toyota RAV4 is a trustworthy, masculine looking and a good performing car that gives great fuel efficiency and has a design to appeal one and all.

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