Summers Are Harsh — Are Your Cars Protected From It?


The upcoming summers are expected to be harsh than average (thanks to global warming!). As lovely as it can be to get the perfect tan and enjoy a dip in the beach, there can be some serious problems rising because of it too. Take your car for instance. It isn’t going to enjoy the warm light of the sun and be tanned. It would rather hate the effect of the direct light on its body.

 We often don’t even think twice before parking our car on a sunny lane. Nor do we take care of covering it, or checking if the engine is too much heated because of constant sun exposure. But these things do matter. They can have some huge impacts on your car’s beauty and performance –which ends up incurring you an extra cost later.

Harsh effects of sun on your car and the ways to avoid them!

If you thought sun damage is restricted to the outer beauty of your car only, then you haven’t done your homework well. The effects of direct sunlight can be seen in your car interiors as well. Read about it all below, and also get to know how to avoid the same:

  • Leather car seat damage —We know leather lasts for years, and doesn’t wear out easily. But at the end of the day, it’s like your skin. And it does fade and appear dull due to constant sunlight exposure as you drive and park it under the sun. The natural oils from the leather do evaporate resulting in premature cracks. Try parking your car under some shade or covering it in order to avoid the situation. You can also cover your seats with a laminated coating to ensure long time safety. If the damage from the heat is too much, car trimming from Sydney Car Roof Linings help you get over the damage from the sun on your seats and your car can get a new interior altogether to make it look fresh again.
  • Dashboard problems —As it’s just behind the windshield, your dashboard gets maximum sunlight and heat when exposed to the rays. Apart from this, the windshield magnifies the heat. And similar thing happens to the rear decks.  This accumulated trapped heat in the interior of the car lets the dashboard material degrade, as the conjunction of UV rays and high temperature breaks the chemical bonds of the dashboard materials, leading to fading of its colour and thus deteriorating its look. Window tints are available in the market which can be used to avoid some heat coming directly into the car. Move your car from the direct heat during the day and when driving on a hot day, try halting for sometime under the shade to cool the system.
  • Car paint — Even the paint of your car faces a serious issue with the harsh effects of sunlight. Especially the darker shades are more at a risk of being faded. Not to forget the high chemical reaction that may take place on your car’s surface creating burn marks on its paint. You can wash it often during the summers or simply wipe with microfiber cloths frequently. Again, covering it solves the issue to a great extent. You can also apply wax on it to safeguard it.

Don’t let the heat break down your beautiful car! Try those preventive and curing methods, and keep it looking admirable, even in the summers. 

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