Steps To Follow Before Selling Your Car To Car Wreckers

If you have a vehicle that is beyond repair, or costs you more than what it is worth, you sell it to wreckers. If it is not anymore fit to drive, you have to sell it before it gets rusty and lose value. They dismantle the car and reuse some parts. Here is a small sneak peek into how to sell it and what happens after you sell it to them. 

Wait for Your Car to Give up

Being something that carried you for so many years in long lonely roads, you are likely to develop an emotional attachment to the vehicle, not give it up. But once the car proves that it cannot be repaired any further, or the repairing costs outweigh the cost of the vehicle when you sell it to a scrapyard, car wreckers in Auckland suggests to give it up. Waiting for that long is a little dangerous because your car is way beyond fit to ride anymore. A car insurance company can help you determine what you should do with it. They can sometimes put your car a price much lower than the actual price for their business profit. If that is not the case, you should go with their suggestion and sell it. If the repair costs more than 60% of what it is worth, then it is of no much use. You can but take the newly installed music system, tire, etc. if you want. 

Find a Mechanic

It is a better option to hire an experienced mechanic who can evaluate your car. They will check and tell you the reusable parts. Even recyclable parts undergo this evaluation. A professional can quickly tell the estimate of the total amount you will get for the car. Since they are in the field, they know about the trend. It is better to go with their decision if you are not aware of what happens in the industry. Doing this evaluation will give you better chances with negotiation with the dealers. Some mechanics may tell they can fix it. But do not compromise safety for money.

After Selling

If needed, they will come and pick up your car. It is then checked for recyclable and reusable parts. Dismantled carefully and stripped off all the pieces.The rest is passed over to the wreckers. They wreck it to a point beyond repair. Brakes and other parts that are in perfect condition can be reused or sold to others by yourself. The metal recyclers take it for other useful purposes.

Taking it to the Wreckers

Find some wrecker who is near you. Come to a deal with the wrecker for a reasonable price. If their facility is nearby you, then it is easy to tow your vehicle there. But if you get a better deal in a faraway shop and you can drive your car there. It would be a better deal then. There is some paperwork to be done before you hand over the vehicle to them.

The wrecking of the car. 

Almost 90 percent of your car is recycled. These parts include seats, tires, filters, hoses, and mats. Recycled tires are used for glass countertops and construct new roads. The car is then drained of all the liquids known as de-pollution. After they are diluted using a different process for disposal of this waste. Then, the vehicle is crushed and forms a small metal ball in the size of a golf ball. By making it short, it is easy to store these materials. 

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