Selling your Junk Car to a Private Buyer

Just when you manage to understand what a junkyard dies with your car and how a wrecker treats your beloved machine, you bump into private buyers offering you more than the wrecking agency quoted! This happens to everyone who makes the news of his car getting scrapped public. Private buyers are just like car wreckers, it’s just that they deal with your car differently and make more money out of your car. That’s why they offer more than a junkyard to get your car. If you too have been in talks with a private buyer, and he is insisting you sell your junk car to him, you should give it a chance. If you are wondering what a private buyer does with your car, read on.

  • The Metallic Mess

The biggest part of your car is the metals it is made of. Private buyers offer you more bucks than Wrecking Agents because these buyers don’t shred the metals like a wrecking yard. A private buyer is often an individual working solo and doesn’t have the budget and resources to melt the metal parts. So he just deals with a local metal furnace owner. The furnace owner then takes the metal parts and pays based on weight. Since metal can be anything from a needle to nail cutter, this is a win-win situation for everyone, the buyer, the furnace owner, and you.

  • Tires and Rims 

The next most desirable thing for both the private buyer and the car wreckers in Whangarei is the tires and their accessories. You may have accessorized tire rims or simple factory fitted ones, both have their market and consumer. The demand for standard rims has been increased since they are not available in a secondhand car shop. Also, the tires of the car are an expensive spare to sell out. SUVs that have a bigger tire diameter use costly tires. Now, if you are selling an SUV to a private buyer, 20% of the total value he is offering can be recovered from the secondhand tires itself provided that the tires are in good condition.  

  • Interiors

The last money-making thing in a vintage car is its accessories and interiors. Car interiors are posh when you buy them, but if you have preserved them and they are in good shape, they can be sold expensive, too. Car accessories like seat covers, GPS, old-school mirrors, and steering cushions have a huge market. Considering the state of these fittings, even you can sell them before the private buyer does. Who knows, maybe you can earn more than the buyer is offering. After all, this is a game of margins and the winner is the one who has done things physically. 

Whether you scrap your car or handover it to a private buyer, make sure you earn from the valuables the car has to offer.

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