Crucial Times for Using Car Indicators!

Communication is necessary! Doesn’t matter if you are conveying a certain message to the person sitting right across you or sending across a letter in written form to anyone. But what if you are behind the wheels in your car? How would you convey a certain message like taking a turn or trying to stop over a lane? Well, for such communicative purposes, we have got indicators. That’s the reason why car makers thought of installing a car indicator in your vehicle.

 Indicators of a car are of extreme importance. It’s essential to send across your further movement’s sign to the drivers around you. You wouldn’t even know, but in this way you are actually preventing lots of accidents that could otherwise happen on the road. If the driver alongside or behind you knows beforehand about your future movement, they can slow down or be ready for the action.

 When Should You Use Your Car Indicators While Driving?

Any driving instructor would advise you to use your car indicators wisely. If you got your lessons from a reputed driving school in Dandenong like Your Local Driving Academy, the driving lessons would be carried out by expert teachers, training you properly for the road ahead. And this would always consist of useful tips and tricks to help you drive better – like, teaching about the mandatory times to use your car indicators. And some such tips to guide you on the best ways to use your car indicators are given below. Read about those times when utilising them is important and necessary.

  • Turning From a Main Road—  If you are on a main road and ready to take a diversion or change the straight direction, then it’s necessary to use your car indicators during this time. Ensure that even if there’s no car around or any traffic officials on the road, you are turning the car indicator on. (In case a car comes speeding from somewhere!)
  • Roundabouts — Roundabouts have this constant flow of traffic moving in a circular motion. The risk of accidents at this location is very much high. And if you tend to exit or enter here without any indicator, you can further add to the mishap. Ensure to press the buttons of the indicator lights when you are exiting the roundabout or turning towards a steep circle to avoid any accident or collision here.
  • Changing Lanes — Most of the time you are required to change lanes on a straight way due to traffic on that lane or maybe you just prefer to drive on the extreme right or left. But doing so without indicating the same to your fellow drivers may cause an accident.
  • U-turn — Taking a u-turn is similar to changing lane or direction, and is required to be conveyed through an indicator. Be sure to do the same at least thirty meters before the turn and ensure that your following cars know about the same.
  • Overtaking — When you intend to overtake a certain vehicle on the road, ensure to signal them by pushing the car indicator button. There are records of the majority of accidents happening during overtaking other cars when there is no car indicator sign given to the fellow drivers.
  • Halting Midway – If you require to halt your car midway, be sure to turn your indicators on. And if it’s in on the middle of the road, keep it on for some time to avoid bumping or accidents.

Your indicators play a crucial role in preventing lots of accidents that can happen during all the above times. Ensure to use them wisely and remember, never just play around with them for the sake of using them! Being wise is your responsibility while driving!

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