How Scrapping Old Cars is Boosting Sustainability of the Car Industry?


It has been reported that all over the world, every year more than ten million vehicles are being recycled. There’s no denying that automobiles are indeed one of the world’s most recycled products. Almost 75 percent of the materials inside a car can easily be recycled and used again. 

Recycling is done mainly to stop dumping vehicles that are nearing the end of their lives inside a landfill. This is why Auckland car wreckers are very essential in the overall sustainability of the car industry. The entire car industry is moving towards a greener future, which is car parts are being dismantled and then recycled to be used again.

The List Of Things That Are Being Recycled From Old Cars To Boost Sustainability Of The Car Industry
  1. The Car Liquids

Coolants, battery fluids, engine oil, brake liquid – all these fluids are easily extracted from the old vehicles and then sent to the specialists where such fluids can again be recycled to be used again. If these liquids are not disposed off in the right manner and not reused, they can easily contaminate the soil, underground water, nearby water bodies and so on. 

There are numerous certified collection centres for cleaning and then repurposing these car fluids. 

  1. The Car Spare Parts

It has been reported that certain car spare parts such as the engines, headlights, transmissions, radiators, starters and the likes can easily be remanufactured. Since building these parts from scratch can easily turn out to be more costly, engineers plan to rebuild the damaged starters or engines so that they can be used again inside new vehicles.

This is indeed a great way to promote a low-cost- green alternative.

  1. The Scrap Metal, Rubber And Plastic Parts

There’s no denying that metal car doors, plastic dashboards, metal rims, plastic bumpers, rubber belts and hoses, can all be recycled in a clean environment. 

When you look at the actual real-world numbers, it has been found out that the steel industry uses almost 14 million tonnes of scrap metal, which are all stripped from old or out-of-commissioned vehicles.

  1. The Non-Recyclable Parts

As we have already discussed above regarding the 75 per cent of the car parts, it’s time to talk about the rest 25 per cent parts. This 25 per cent of materials that are extracted from old cars cannot be easily recycled or could not be recycled at all. 

These non-recyclable materials include the ASR or the Auto Shredder Residue, which includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metal pieces. Other parts include the glass, paper, wood, fabric, plastic and rubber. ASR is first treated, crushed and then it is deposited inside landfills. 

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