Know all about Boost Controllers and why your vehicle needs one?

Customizing vehicles as per individual needs and enjoying multiple features that are custom-tailored for the driver is fun. It gives the rider that sense of satisfaction that he or she owns the functionality of their vehicle’s wheels. Turbochargers were introduced for one of these very simple reasons, drivers feel like they are on cloud nine when they can regulate the airflow to the engine. But there are supporting accessories that ask your attention if you desire such high speeds from your vehicle. A boost controller is one such pivotal accessory in the turbochargers or superchargers installed in vehicles. Read on to know more about boost controllers and why you must have one if you own a turbocharger.

  • Boost Regulation

The amount of power generated from a turbocharged engine is ideally proportional to the volume of air-filled in the cylinders. In reality, other factors such as heat, moisture, ignition control, etc. also come into play and affect this direct proportion. Moreover, boost regulation through Boost Controllers is pretty simple. Regulating boost allows you to control airflow into the engine which, in turn, allows you to operate your turbo.  What you have to be cautious about is the way you increase the boost gauge since it takes a toll on the thermal and mechanical parameters of the engine. Just make sure you adjust the components sagely and do not overload the gauge more than 15 to 20%

  • Working of Boost Control

All engine backed up by turbochargers has some level of inbuilt boost control, which works on pneumatics. The boost pressure is measured by the wastegate, which is included in the drain housing naturally. The wastegate aims to release a precise quantity of exhaust gas from the exhausts before the turbine to maintain the turboshaft velocity, and so the boost in hand. If not for the wastegate, the boost density would keep rising rise to terrible levels quickly. The wastegate governor, which is a cylinder-shaped object fitted on the turbo, makes part of the pneumatic system which regulates the wastegate. Boost pressure is fed to the actuator through a small tube from the compressor vent, which forms a control loop. While the boost pressure increases, this pressure starts to open the wastegate through the actuator to curb the accumulation of boost till the set level.

  • Electronic Boost Controllers

While mechanical boost controllers are known as natural (manual) controllers, electronic Boost Controllers allow you to regulate the boost level according to engine RPM, or manifold other factors. Several electronic boost controllers have an interior interface to sanction you the ability to adjust parameters like turbo spool-up speed and maximum boost pressure.

You can choose from any one of electronic or manual boost controllers. However, it is tough to resist an automated interface giving you the luxury to regulate settings from your driver cabin.

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