Covert Affairs is just a classic series that will definitely appeal to people of almost any age, because of the interesting plot that is featured in every of the series’ episodes.

When it comes to the opening of the show, the track was intended to be an information dump. Annie Walker, the star of the show, also has some attributes that few people can boast with. She knows how to speak 6 languages, she is a CIA trainee and she also had the love of her life going on a few years ago, until one midnight that her lover just left her blank and disappeared in the middle of the night. The only thing that he left her with was a note.

When it comes to the missions that she attended as a CIA agent, she didn’t change her attitude throughout them. In other such shows, you might find that such a character as Annie might be portrayed with a very high self confidence or boasting out some very high sex appeal, but the producers of this show took care of this and wanted to portray here as a confident woman that at times, might be feeling overwhelmed by her problems, but in the end she knows what she must doe exactly in order to get things moving the right way.

This is just one of the greatest series that have come up lately and you if you want to delve within it, just get your hands on the remote now. If you are looking for a TV show plan, this is as good as you can get.

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