Radio on the move

Radio is no longer limited to grumpy black massive sets and both sleek and chic FM sets that you can carry in your pocket. Radio has gone through a drastic transformation; radio is now in your mobile phone or the i-pod that you carry twenty-four hours with you the earphones plugged in your ears.

Donut FM Radios

On the other hand, how about the internet radio, do not you often listen to web radio while you work on your laptop. The web has transformed the way of your living and thinking. Apart from other innumerable facilities you avail from it, the web radio is another feather on your hat, especially if you are a music lover or interested in international news. Sometimes your work may demand that you remain not only informed about entertainment resources but also about international news and views 24 x 7, like if you are a Radio jokey or a media reporter.

Then you may ask why not internet television, the answer is radio has the advantage of flexibility of size and signals. Like, in a remote corner of the world where there is no television signal or impossible to carry a television set a pocket radio can easily sneak in. Think if you are living in a remote village of Kazakhstan, radio is the source of news of the outside world. You do not have to travel so far, what happens during your daily commute to your office your F.M. car radio informs you with the local news and the traffic.

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