News is our window to the outside world; remain updated with it

News is fresh information. Newlines gives value to it. The shelf life of news depends on the recentness of the event it is reporting. I will have interest on knowing all the happenings, going on around me. I am curious to know about them and I will follow the newspaper, television, radio for it. Nowadays I surf on the internet for most recent news. I love performing arts and often visit cultural programs. I follow entertainment resources on internet to know in which place what performances are taking place.


Last time when my mother went for her vacation Istanbul, holidaying I got all the information on the country, starting from it’s geographical location, climatic and seasonal change, places to visit, local culture, accommodation facilities via internet. She arranged her tour accordingly and was happy to scoop up some important news of that place.

Media development now brings the world in or living room. It is our window to the outside world. The ever-increasing competition among the media channels is showering us with news every second. You should not get confused with all the information given to you, especially of world politics try to analyze the news of multiple sources to understand the reality.

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