Mediatheme: Having a bingo party

If you’re keen to hold a party for friends and family but aren’t sure what theme to go with, why not host a bingo party? These can be really fun and are a great way to get all guests to bond. Bingo gets people excited and gives them a chance to win a fun prize!

In order to organise your bingo party, make sure you hire out of one of the UK’s best bingo machines. These make the actual bingo process efficient and easy to navigate.

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Once you’ve got this covered, you can concentrate on how to make the party run smoothly and within a smallish budget. The first step is to ask all people attending to bring a prize worth �5 or less; this will allow winners to receive a prize, but will mean attendees don’t have to spend too much money, and that everyone gets a prize of equal value.

Furthermore, if your friends are particularly well-off, you could consider asking them to bring a food item – either a dish of something, a pudding or some wine.

If you’ve not got much spare cash for decorations, why not get some bits of paper and simply draw bingo balls on them? You can colour them different colours, cut them out and then stick them up around the room in which you’re hosting your party. This is a great way to get some oohs and ahhs, and won’t cost you much at all. You could also think about making paper chains, which are another cost-effective decoration.

Be sure to get a good play list set up on your iPod or stereo; perhaps focusing on songs that have the word ‘winning’ in their title? You could play songs such as ‘The winner takes it all’, ‘Sing when you’re Winning’ and “Everyone’s a Winner’. This will help set the tone and get people feeling excited about the night ahead. You could also include ‘We are the Champions’, ‘Simply the Best’ and ‘You Win Again’ for a winners’ parade at the end of the night.

If you follow these handy tips you should have a brilliant night that’ll everyone will remember for years to come!

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