Different Ideas for the Office Christmas Party

Christmas parties have traditionally been the moment for everyone in the office to let their hair down, have too much to drink, get over-familiar with work colleagues and even tell the boss exactly what they think of him or her. While going mad in a local bar or restaurant may help with bonding (in some cases!) it often leaves lots of red faces and a workforce incapable of doing anything useful the following day.

Office Christmas Party

If you are responsible for arranging this year’s office party, why not think outside the box and plan an event which everyone will remember?… and hopefully not for the wrong reasons. A wine tasting evening either in your office or at a local wine supplier does include some alcohol, but in a slightly more measured way and staff will also learn something worthwhile from the experience. You could cut out the alcohol completely and opt for a visit to a spa for your staff. Both men and women will enjoy the relaxation and indulgence that a spa visit offers. Many spas are attached to hotels with sports and leisure opportunities, so there will be something for everyone. You can also include some sumptuous food in the hotel’s dining room after you have made use of the facilities. Spa days and breaks can be arranged for an inclusive price per guest and need not break the bank.

On a different note, some party organisers offer circus evenings which could make your evening go with a swing. They provide everything from the food and drink to a full display of circus acts for staff to enjoy. If you want to give your staff the red carpet treatment you can even organise a private screening of a film at Odeon cinemas. They offer packages with champagne and canapés and you can make a choice of film.

Whatever you do, a Christmas party should be a reward for everyone’s hard work during the year and all members of staff should feel that they have had an enjoyable time.

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