Music in the 00’s to Present

When it comes to the beginning of the 21st century, it can be said that the music business changed significantly when you compare it to the music business in the 20th century. New genres of music replaced the older ones if not completely, then for the better part. For example, rock music in general has seen a decrease in popularity and has been replaced by genres such as pop, hip hop, rap and electronic music, there are also an increasing number of party bands playing covers at private parties.

Music Madonna

Artists like Madonna changed their style of music in order to appeal to new audiences, which sometimes resulted in success, and sometimes in failure. Shows such as American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent have given us many new and extremely talented artists who became more or less popular overnight. Gangsta rap has become increasingly popular and teenage pop icons of the 1990’s have grown to become adults, some more and some less mature and serious. All in all, it can be said that the 21st century has given us a lot of new things related to music, and a lot of new trends to follow or ignore.

Breakthroughs Concerning Music made in the 00’s to Present

There have been many different breakthroughs in the 21st century that influenced the music scene in many different ways. The internet became widespread and commonly used and YouTube became available to people all over the world, which resulted in the popularization of western artists throughout the world.

When it comes to musical genres, it has to be mentioned that artists like Norah Jones, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson became immensely popular, which meant that people still wanted to listen to quality and serious music. Also, artists like Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins and Alanis Morissette continued their successful careers throughout the 21st century. R&B also became increasingly popular, with names such as Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Usher making it more popular than ever.

When it comes to new artists, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are probably two of the most important and successful new artists of the 21st century and are covered by numerous party bands playing at private functions throughout the country.

Most Popular Bands in the 00’s to Present

There have been a great number of new bands and musicians in the 21st century, and here is a list of some of the most important ones:

Alicia Keys, Beyoncé Knowles and Leona Lewis – the three most important African-American artists of the 21st century, who all gained fantastic stardom and great success.
Eminem – the best selling male artist in the first decade of the 21st century, and the most successful white rapper of all time.
50 cent – one of the most successful artists of the 21st century, best known for being the “real deal” when it comes to Gangsta rap, due to the fact that he has been shot nine times.
Justin Timberlake – released his first solo album in 2002 and has been extremely popular ever since then.
Lady Gaga and Rihanna – the two most successful young artists on the musical scene of the 21st century, they became an instant success, with a large number of hit singles.

Give your children a wonderful book for Christmas

With Christmas a not-too-distant spectre on the calendar, it might be time to start thinking about what goes into filling the children’s stockings this year.

They might ask for electric-this and handheld-that but why not consider giving their eyes (and minds) a real treat by giving them the gift of a story book?

wonderful christmas tree

Prevent the “what, a book?” disappointment by selecting classic books for children that you know and have loved, then read it together. In these days of working all hours, it will serve as a real treat for younger children to have their mum or dad sit and read them a story, remember how you felt?

Here’s a very brief list of some wonderful stories that your little ones – and the bigger readers – might like to unwrap on 25 December:

Anything by Roald Dahl, the more horrible, the better! The Twits is a great starting point and will have you both laughing before bedtime, Quentin Blake’s ever-fabulous illustrations will help that imagination go into overdrive.

The Borrowers by Mary Norton is another all time favourite, following the adventures of the teeny tiny Clock family who live under the floorboards until one day they reveal themselves to the ‘human beans.’

Girls of a certain age with love Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, which is the tale of uppity Sara Crewe, who is sent back from India to a girls’ school to gain a refined education. However, during her stay, it emerges that her father has gone missing and without her school fees, Sara is destined to servitude. However, she is befriended by a fellow servant girl and an Indian Gentleman.

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic around the world and every little boy or girl deserves to have this wonderful book read to them. It, of course, chronicles the at-first small caterpillar’s eating frenzy that results in him turning into a butterfly.

Of course, there are hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful stories out there, ready for sharing and falling in love with. Why not give this wonderful gift at Christmas? No batteries required.

Celebrity Singing Sore Throats: How to Evade the Singing Epidemic

The latter half of 2011 has seen the demise of some of the UK heavy weight singing sensations. With the likes of international singing star Adele as well as UK sweetheart Cheryl Cole both pulling out of some big time gigs such as Children in Need and rescheduling tour dates, there has been massive fan disappointment across the board. Nobody chooses to be ill especially when it puts your career on the line, but with there clearly being a germ going around, there’s plenty you can do to avoid these dreaded lurgies. For singers out there, voice strain is a common result from singing and performing whilst you may be suffering from an infection. From the moment you contract an infection, you will not experience the symptoms until up to 48 hours later. This means that you are placing a strain on your voice when your immune system is already being attacked. This weakens the vocal chords further thus allowing the virus to attack harder and faster. There are a lot of tell-tale signs when this may actually be occurring without you realising. Experiencing a sore throat singing or a sore throat after singing is a sure sign that your immune system and/or vocal chords are already under attack. This does not necessarily mean you need to throw down the microphone and run off stage in a desperate attempt to save your voice, it simply means there are precautions to take from then onwards in order to prevent vocal damage or further infections. Small things such as stopping or reducing smoking during infection can help greatly. If you are a professional singer, you should already be aware that smoking has dire consequences for your vocal chords. During periods of infection this is significantly worsened as smoking is an irritant to the airways reducing the time for mucus build up leaving the body. Drinking plenty of water is any singers golden rule and this rule should be even more prolific during periods of illness. Throat lozenges and soothing sweets are also a fantastic way of encouraging moisture in your throat and reducing mucus. It is also a good idea to rest your vocal chords as much as possible only using them when truly required. Sticking to some of these simple rules can keep your throat soothed in times of illness and get you back on stage in no time.

Parking Perfection 5 Fun – Filled Parking Game

Are you bored and looking for a game to play, why not play a game that can help you to sharpen up on your driving skills, and more particular your parking skills. Parking is thought to be one of the hardest areas of driving to manoeuvre, but with a little practice you can definitely master it in no time.

Where to Go For Great Games is home to many games relating to parking that you can use to sharpen your skills. While driving with just the touch of a button is different from the actual thing, these games can help you to learn critical principles which you will use in driving. In addition, they can help you to see some mistakes that you would possible make, had you been round the wheels of a real car.

A Great Game to Try

If you are looking for a great game to try out, consider parking perfection 5, which is the latest version of the line of parking perfection games. In this game, you will be required to park your vehicle at various places without hitting another car or various obstacles like a light post and so on. Also you have to park the car safely in the specified area before time runs out.

The Controls

For your controls, you have the arrow keys which direct the car and the space bar as the brake. You have basically a minute to complete each task and should you hit anything, your score will be affected.

The game will only end if you wreck your car by causing 100% damage or if time runs out. There are 10 levels to complete and once you have played a level you can also begin from that stage.

Christmas Tree Accessories For Awesome Decorations

When decorating your home for Christmas, you need to know that there are some accessories that may be useful. The accessories just add to making your decorations awesome and that is why you must pay attention to the accessories.

One of the accessories that are must have is the storage bag. You will not leave your trees and decorations in your home forever. Once the season ends, you would need to remove the trees and keep them.

The best thing about the storage bags is that you would be able to eliminate the bulky boxes that you would normally keep in your home for the storage of the trees when they are not in use. But, you should shop for Christmas tree accessories wisely.

You need to consider the size of the storage bag you are buying. It should be able to at least store up to nine trees in a bag. The bag also allows you easy carrying of the trees in case you need to transport them elsewhere.

The other accessory that you may want to take a look at is the rotating tree stand. You also need to be careful when shopping for the stand. You should get its details so as to ascertain the kind of support it would give you.

It should hold the industry standard tree trunk. It should also rotate up to seven and half inches tall and 80lbs.

You will not need any special tools to assemble the rotating tree stand. These accessories are quite important and would add value to the decorations that you have at home.

The other accessories that you may want to consider for your home decoration for the holiday include the giant Christmas wreaths. You can find a great collection of these to choose from.

There are several accessories that you would want alongside the decorations for Christmas. You need to check that the description of the accessories is given so that you only order when you know what you would expect to receive. The size of the storage bags and the details of the rotating tree stand should be known to you while placing the order.