Radio on the move

Radio is no longer limited to grumpy black massive sets and both sleek and chic FM sets that you can carry in your pocket. Radio has gone through a drastic transformation; radio is now in your mobile phone or the i-pod that you carry twenty-four hours with you the earphones plugged in your ears.

Donut FM Radios

On the other hand, how about the internet radio, do not you often listen to web radio while you work on your laptop. The web has transformed the way of your living and thinking. Apart from other innumerable facilities you avail from it, the web radio is another feather on your hat, especially if you are a music lover or interested in international news. Sometimes your work may demand that you remain not only informed about entertainment resources but also about international news and views 24 x 7, like if you are a Radio jokey or a media reporter.

Then you may ask why not internet television, the answer is radio has the advantage of flexibility of size and signals. Like, in a remote corner of the world where there is no television signal or impossible to carry a television set a pocket radio can easily sneak in. Think if you are living in a remote village of Kazakhstan, radio is the source of news of the outside world. You do not have to travel so far, what happens during your daily commute to your office your F.M. car radio informs you with the local news and the traffic.

News is our window to the outside world; remain updated with it

News is fresh information. Newlines gives value to it. The shelf life of news depends on the recentness of the event it is reporting. I will have interest on knowing all the happenings, going on around me. I am curious to know about them and I will follow the newspaper, television, radio for it. Nowadays I surf on the internet for most recent news. I love performing arts and often visit cultural programs. I follow entertainment resources on internet to know in which place what performances are taking place.


Last time when my mother went for her vacation Istanbul, holidaying I got all the information on the country, starting from it’s geographical location, climatic and seasonal change, places to visit, local culture, accommodation facilities via internet. She arranged her tour accordingly and was happy to scoop up some important news of that place.

Media development now brings the world in or living room. It is our window to the outside world. The ever-increasing competition among the media channels is showering us with news every second. You should not get confused with all the information given to you, especially of world politics try to analyze the news of multiple sources to understand the reality.

Jamming of all sorts for 2011

If you are into jam sessions then here is the great news for you. The 2011 Wakarusa is all set to rock. However, it is not until you have enjoyed Coachella in April followed by Jazz fest. The Artist line up is quite interesting and thrilling including Shannon McNally, Miss J, Ben Harper and Relentless 7, STS9 and many more. Check out Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the modern day interpretation of Tina Turner in her spangled short dress. Do not miss ‘Number with No Name’ by Ben Harper and Relentless 7, driving you crazy with his frenzied guitar, setting you to groove. The theme of Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket is something that needs more than appreciation.

Zumba Moves

What about some dribble, drive, shoot and slam all day while jamming with your Favorite NBA and WNBA legends. The fun dose not stop here. You get to have free autographs of your favorite stars. Set your schedule ready for all-star excitement and purchase the hottest NBA merchandise. So, you have got ample entertainment tips to celebrate your 2011.

There is more this year. Start your Zumba jamming with AFFA certified Tricia Traux; at Studio Zumba and at various other venues. Check out on net for details of the workshop and Zumba happily with the fitness queen, not forgetting to learn some belly dancing moves from the master dancer. All the best and have a blast this new year.

Let the Music Play

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. This is indeed very true. After a long and tiring day, don’t you like to unwind and refresh your mind and body? Therefore, why do not you play some melodious track? You can get a good collection of songs and music from online music website. Browse online on internet for music websites, there under several categories you will find different types of songs and music. The categories as follows


Rock n Roll
You can select the songs of your favorite artist clicking on that category and typing the name of the artist. If you do not know the name of the artist, you can choose using the other options also. Sometimes it can happen that you hum the tune of a particular song you can type the wordings of the song within quotes in the search option provided by search engine. You will get the list of the song sung by various artists. You can listen to the one sung by your favorite singer.

From music website not only you can listen to a wide variety of songs but you can also download them and add or create you own music library. From your laptop or PC, you can transfer the collection to you mobile phone, iPod and pen drive so that you can listen to your favorite tracks while you are on the move, in your car or in the office

Movie watching on weekends

During weekends, we all like to wind up watching a movie either in DVD or movie hall or in a drive in movie. So if you want to watch some real good stuff here see movie and fun website are some of them. ‘Inception’. Starring Leonardo De Caprio, Kane Watanabe, Michael Caine . ‘Toy Story’. Starring Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez. ‘Harry Potter And Half Blood Prince’. Starring Alan Rickman, Maaggie Smith, Daniel Radcliffe. ‘Lord of the Rings’. Starring Elijah Woods, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom.

If you want a good dose of laughter watch ‘Ice Age’, ‘Wall-E’, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. If you have kids I am sure they will have a blast. However, you are in a romantic mood with your date and watch a romantic movie you have ‘Did You Hear About The Morgans’, ‘Gone With The Wind’ in your platter. Sometimes you hang around with your buddies and if you all are in a mood to enjoy some cool movie on DVD, lounging in your living room munching popcorn go for ‘Fast & Furious’, ‘The Blind Side’, ‘Public Enemy’, ‘Fake Identity’. Movie Watching On Weekends

Watching movies together with your family or friend works as a binding factor where you not only watch but also interact with your companion in a relax mood. It is quality time spending with your kids. If you want to give your kids a treat, you can take them for movie watching if your kid is a first timer to movie halls make his experience a memorable one by selecting a good movie like ‘Sound Of Music’ or ‘Guns of Navarone’

Mediatheme: Having a bingo party

If you’re keen to hold a party for friends and family but aren’t sure what theme to go with, why not host a bingo party? These can be really fun and are a great way to get all guests to bond. Bingo gets people excited and gives them a chance to win a fun prize!

In order to organise your bingo party, make sure you hire out of one of the UK’s best bingo machines. These make the actual bingo process efficient and easy to navigate.

media theme

Once you’ve got this covered, you can concentrate on how to make the party run smoothly and within a smallish budget. The first step is to ask all people attending to bring a prize worth �5 or less; this will allow winners to receive a prize, but will mean attendees don’t have to spend too much money, and that everyone gets a prize of equal value.

Furthermore, if your friends are particularly well-off, you could consider asking them to bring a food item – either a dish of something, a pudding or some wine.

If you’ve not got much spare cash for decorations, why not get some bits of paper and simply draw bingo balls on them? You can colour them different colours, cut them out and then stick them up around the room in which you’re hosting your party. This is a great way to get some oohs and ahhs, and won’t cost you much at all. You could also think about making paper chains, which are another cost-effective decoration.

Be sure to get a good play list set up on your iPod or stereo; perhaps focusing on songs that have the word ‘winning’ in their title? You could play songs such as ‘The winner takes it all’, ‘Sing when you’re Winning’ and “Everyone’s a Winner’. This will help set the tone and get people feeling excited about the night ahead. You could also include ‘We are the Champions’, ‘Simply the Best’ and ‘You Win Again’ for a winners’ parade at the end of the night.

If you follow these handy tips you should have a brilliant night that’ll everyone will remember for years to come!

A Guide to Kolkata Events

There will be nothing wrong to say that event calendar of Kolkata always remains staffed with loads of entertaining events. Most of the cultural programs as well as other events hosted in this ‘city of joy’ truly worth to be attended. In fact, it has been seen that not only local people but people from across the globe show their interest to take part in those interesting events. In Kolkata a number of religious events are celebrated along with sports and educational programs.

Bengali New Year

Throughout the year in this city a number of exciting events and festivals are seen to be celebrated but among them the most popular ones that should be included in the event guide Kolkata are as follows:

Kolkata Events in January

Dover Lane Music Festival- By the end of January this Indian classical music festival is organized. To watch this festival music lovers come from across the globe.

Kolkata Book Fair- This is the biggest book fair in Asia. Usually, this event is held for a period of ten days.

Kolkata Event in February

Saraswatii Puja- From children to old people, everyone celebrate this religious festival with equal enthusiasm.

Kolkata Event in March

Dol Purnima- To welcome the spring season, this festival is celebrated with extreme joy and ecstasy.

Kolkata Event in April

Noboborsho- It is the Bengali New Year and in this special day city dwellers like to visit temples and other religious places.

Kolkata Event in May

Eid al-Adha- In this occasion the devotees offer prayers to Allah and like to spend time with their family members.

Kolkata Event in June

National Children’s Theatre Festival- Since the year 1990 this event is being held in Kolkata.

Kolkata Event in July

Rath Yatra- Usually the followers of Krishna and Vishnu celebrate this occasion with utmost devotion. However, not only the devotees, other common people also show their interest to join in this Rath Yatra.

Apart from all these events, in Kolkata several other programs and occasions are celebrated with joy and delight. Among them, the most remarkable one is indeed Durga Puja. Apart from this, some others are Navratri, Lakshmi Puja, Bhai Phota, Kali Puja, Kolkata Film Festival and New Year’s Eve.

Music Licensing – Saving Creations

There is really nothing like music, it is an eternal thing, a thing of the heart. It has been a craze from the

yesteryears. Lots and lots of music are being created till date and there is really a growing demand of it. Recently many complaints are being herd that many music releases are not in the original person’s name and they are being released in some others name. This made music licensing a very important part in preserving the original soundtracks and the composition of the music as a whole. The licensing is the only option of preserving its originality and authenticity.

Music Licensing

Piracy can also be reduced to a great extent by preserving the originality of the composition. Music licensing protects the genuineness of the music as a whole. More and more people are making music as their career. There should be something to arrest the duplicity, which is increasing almost day by day. So it is inevitable the responsibility of the original music creator, to protect his original music composition. The problem has aroused to a great extent in the films too and there also music licensing has become as the only option to save their business.

There have been innumerable incidents of cheating the original singer of a particular movie but the CDs of that same movie song are mentioning the name and picture of a different person. Music, licensing can easily overcome all these problems in a jiffy. Music licensing should be mandatory or compulsory to protect their hard earned and God gifted talent. This will help to stop the duplicity of the original creator and will help him to earn some value from his hard earned labor. There may be differences in their individual, but there is nothing bad like cheating one and at the expense of it gaining for the other.

Different Ideas for the Office Christmas Party

Christmas parties have traditionally been the moment for everyone in the office to let their hair down, have too much to drink, get over-familiar with work colleagues and even tell the boss exactly what they think of him or her. While going mad in a local bar or restaurant may help with bonding (in some cases!) it often leaves lots of red faces and a workforce incapable of doing anything useful the following day.

Office Christmas Party

If you are responsible for arranging this year’s office party, why not think outside the box and plan an event which everyone will remember?… and hopefully not for the wrong reasons. A wine tasting evening either in your office or at a local wine supplier does include some alcohol, but in a slightly more measured way and staff will also learn something worthwhile from the experience. You could cut out the alcohol completely and opt for a visit to a spa for your staff. Both men and women will enjoy the relaxation and indulgence that a spa visit offers. Many spas are attached to hotels with sports and leisure opportunities, so there will be something for everyone. You can also include some sumptuous food in the hotel’s dining room after you have made use of the facilities. Spa days and breaks can be arranged for an inclusive price per guest and need not break the bank.

On a different note, some party organisers offer circus evenings which could make your evening go with a swing. They provide everything from the food and drink to a full display of circus acts for staff to enjoy. If you want to give your staff the red carpet treatment you can even organise a private screening of a film at Odeon cinemas. They offer packages with champagne and canapés and you can make a choice of film.

Whatever you do, a Christmas party should be a reward for everyone’s hard work during the year and all members of staff should feel that they have had an enjoyable time.

Stag party planning explained

Organising a stag party for the first time can seem overwhelming; especially if you’ve been tasked with the responsibility all by yourself. However, here is a basic planning guide for stag dos, which should help put your mind at ease.

Stag party

Firstly, you’ll be likely be asking yourself who you should invite. This does take a little bit of thought and is a bit of a balancing act. You don’t want to upset anyone by not inviting them but at the same time, it’s probably the only chance your friend will ever have to have a stag do, so you want only people he loves there.

Think about the friends that are most likely to join in on the fun, have a good laugh and not become too obnoxious after a few pints. Also, if you are considering inviting the fathers of the bride and groom, use a bit of common sense. Are they the type of men who will enjoy a good knees-up; being able to handle a few jokes and immaturity? If not, it might be best holding a smaller, separate function to invite them to.

Setting the date should be your next task. Make sure it’s at least two weeks in advance of wedding, allowing all concerned to recover. You’ll then have to decide where and what you’re doing.

When deciding this, think about a) what kind of person the groom is, b) what type of people the guests are and c) the budget you’ve been afforded. Although the groom is obviously the most important person, if you pick an activity that the rest of the group hate, you’re not really setting yourself up for success.

Lastly, the big questions – are you going to pull any pranks and will there be a stripper involved in the event?! Again, these are decisions that should be made with a bit of common sense. Even if you instantly shout “yes!” to the stripper, do consider whether or not this is something the groom would enjoy. After all, it is his night!